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Adding Social Accounts
A collection of help guides to help you get on your feet with Soclbot
You can add social accounts by accessing Account Manager in the Navigation Panel.
Only social services which you have subscribed for will be available to add accounts on their platform.
Once you open the Account Manager page, click on the (+) icon adjacent to the Social Media Platform like Facebook.
Add social accounts by clicking on plus sign
You will be asked to add the corresponding social account and after successful authentication it will be added to your soclbot account.
You can add multiple social account each platform depending on your Subscription Plan.

Removing Social Account

You can also remove a social account from Account Manager. Click on the dot icons after the Social Account Name.
Remove account.
Remove account only delete the account from Soclbot. But the post created earlier will remain available on the Social Account.
Last modified 1yr ago
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